The Birth of Vengeance and Other Stories

You stumble upon vengeance like this:

You wake up one morning and realize you have neglected your latest work in progress in favor of schoolwork. THEN YOUR WIP JUMPS OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER AND STABS YOU IN THE FACE.

Well okay that last part definitely didn’t happen, but it could have, since I haven’t donned my writer’s hat for like months. Picked up my writer’s pen. Opened my bottle of writer’s Powerade.

Just kidding. I hate Powerade.

Point is, after my last WIP stabbed me in the face, we kind of had a falling out. And now I have a new WIP, and a new town to explore (it’s this place called Chicago I dunno if you’ve heard of it btw it’s pretty big lollerskates), and new pictures to take with my camera (which is broken decidedly NOT LOLLERSKATES), and new grammatical rules to trample all over.

See what I did there?

It’s a kind of funny joke thing that isn’t that funny at all akshully.

Yeah, anyway, if you’ve followed me over from Blogspot, hey there! I missed you! We should catch up. Or not. I understand if you don’t want to talk to me.

(Since we’ve moved away from vengeance this part of the post can be labeled “other stories” – or, Sophie feels sorry for herself for no reason except that she has far too much homework and far too little time on her hands to do things like crochet triceratops sweaters.)

(Not sweaters with triceratopses on them.)

(Sweaters for triceratopses.)

(How do you pluralize triceratops?)

(Pluralize isn’t a word.)

(The word “triceratops” makes me think of Michael Cera.)

(I hear he’s pretty good in Youth in Revolt.)

I’m also recently on Twitter because I gave in to peer pressure. Don’t do drugs, kids (unless your friends are doing them).


Check it out:


Until next time, ❤ sophie.


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