Things Hurt!

Wednesday is THE WORST DAY EVER. I once explained to someone how the only good days of the week were Tuesday, Friday and Saturday: Tuesday because it’s not Monday, Friday because it’s Friday (this is self-explanatory I feel) and Saturday because you get to sleep in and Sunday’s right around the corner so you can put everything off until then.

Wednesday kind of inhabits this strange limbo between the beginning and the end of the week. It’s too early to relax, but too late to feel like you’re sane enough to do anything productive.

Also Wednesday is the one day of the week when I’m working non-stop from 9 to 5. It doesn’t sound that bad until you compare it to the rest of my schedule, which either has me off the hook early in the day or lets me sleep in (ie: I get time to write! Time to relax! Time to stare at walls until they start to grow pictures!)

So yeah. Wednesdays hurt a looooot.

Something that’s been on my mind lately is marketing and branding – of yourself and your book. Like, I know I’m supposed to appear compelling and clever and therefore encourage people to be interested in my life and therefore my writing, but seriously guyz, I’m not terribly interesting. First off, I’m not doing anything unusual with my life – I’m slogging through college and writing novels on my way. Lots of people write novels. Lots of people try to get them published. EVEN MORE PEOPLE GO TO COLLEGE. I AM NO LONGER UNIQUE. SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS LIED TO ME AAHHHH.

I mean, if I were interesting I’d be out fighting skeletal pterodactyls on my Wednesday night. Instead Wednesday looks like this:

What I do on Wednesdays

Fruit, stolen from the dining hall; my computer, which is slowly accumulating more and more nicks and bangs; coffee, because DEAR GOD I NEED CAFFEINE; and some giant fat book that I can’t remember the title of because I’ve been reading it for so long. And my water bottle.

Stay hydrated or Wednesday will beat you.


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