The writing process is an interesting demon, mostly because it’s very solitary up until the end, when suddenly you have beta readers and edits and queries to send and rejections (and acceptances) to cry (and weep with joy) about. Honestly, querying is probably my favorite part of noveling in general. I would send queries for everyone I knew for free and enjoy myself. It’s like lottery tickets or something.

Anyway, the important thing about querying is that you have to keep doing it until you can’t do it anymore. (Though that’s basically the most important thing about publishing in general – you can’t stop! Stopping is a trap!) I’m serious here – you need to query and query a lot. Query everyone who represents what you write, and if you’re writing, say, a YA UF with a romantic spin, you should be querying YA agents, UF agents, YA UF agents, and YA romance agents, unless they specifically say “I don’t want X genre” – QUERY EVERYONE.

I generally write my query letters before I write the book. They function as some kind of direction for me. Here is your plot, now write the fluffy in between! Go go!

Last night, a lot of things crystallized (in one of those glorious moments of serendipity) and I was handed my novel’s plot from Mr. Subconscious Brain. And because of that, I’m writing my query. I’m very excited.


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