Whirly-Splurge of the Week: Squid Linens

Anyone who knows me knows about my deep love of cephalopods. They’re a constant bundle of zany antics, and I loff zany antics almost as much as I loff getting dry after being caught in the rain.

Plus, they’re adorable.


Anyway, since I’m slowly becoming a grown-up (*coughcough*) I’ve been giving some thought to responsible and versatile things to buy for eventual apartment living. You know, futons, folding tables, sensible shoes… squid print napkins…

I mean, seriously – these things are FUCKING FANTASTIC. Look at them. They’re neon multiplied by ten billion with squids on top.

Really. Really. Really. Awesome. They’re pretty reasonably priced, too, at $24 for a set of two, considering that you are buying PURE AWESOME.

I really really love these linens can you tell?

These linens are available from Squid Ink Kollective on Etsy. I’ve purchased things from them before and they’re fantastic and super friendly, so I recommend them with five shiny gold stars.


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