In Between Writing Sprints

This week I added about 1.5k to my word count, and although that doesn’t sound like much, it’s pretty good considering my schedule. If I could set aside an hour or two on the weekends, I could probably bump up my weekly word count to 5-6k. Which would be super awesome.

My personal favorite part of writing is when you know what’s going to happen next. A lot of the time, I know I have to stop briefly and reorganize whatever it is I’m doing in my head: Why is this scene important? What is the purpose of this dialogue? Do I need that beat there, or can I get rid of it in favor of a faster scene? It’s great when I’m writing and I know exactly why that scene is important, and what that dialogue is supposed to do, and how to tag all of said dialogue in the most efficient way possible. It’s awesome.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. Either writing comes smoothly, beautiful and lucid, or I have to wrench it out of my brain with both hands. Which is super annoying, and also like painful and stuff. ouch.

Sometimes when the annoying bit happens, I try to shake things up by writing on paper, or writing with fun colors, or free writing something ridiculous until my thoughts have time to percolate. But during school, it’s really tempting to say, “Well, forget this, I’m going to do homework until I can write again.”

But THEN what happens is that my brain hurts from doing homework so much that I can’t possibly think to write.

The solution to my problems comes in artsy stuff that isn’t necessarily verbal. My mom suggested this, in addition to aerobic exercise* (but I’m lazy, soooo…), would help my brain relax until I could think about writing again. It actually works. I doodle, or play with stickers, or play video games (old school ones like Tetris are the best), or crochet.

Like writing, I haven’t done a lot of crocheting since college started, but I bought a bunch of yarn the other day, so I can start crocheting again.

I’d like to hear other strategies that people use to get back on track while writing. This isn’t a “these are things I do before I start writing” topic, but more of a “once I get stuck and need to keep going, I do this” topic.

*Apparently, increased oxygen flow in the brain spurred by aerobic exercise increases creativity. Who knew?

happy writings. ❤ sophie


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