SCBWI in NYC: Partying with Suzanne Young

There are few people in this world whom I can call ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID. Suzanne Young is one of those people. She’s always the life of the party, so sweet, amazing, and I could go on and on about her many virtues, but Imma sum it up and say SHE KICKS MAJOR ASS. I luff her.

So hanging out with her and Grace in/around SCBWI last weekend was basically the best thing ever. I only got to hang around for Saturday, because I needed to get back to Chicago on time to recuperate for class on Monday (I didn’t end up going to class on Monday. I was sleeping. Hee!).

Grace and I surprised Suz in the nerdiest, fangirliest way possible:

T-SHIRTS. Notice how we didn’t get matching colors, sigh. That would require too much coordination. If I remember correctly, the prez of Razorbill was pretty excited by the t-shirts. He told Suz as much, at least.

(Probably the fact that he (and other peeps) liked our t-shirts factored in to the fact that we didn’t get thrown out of the conference level for being groupies, heehee.)

Being surrounded by writers all weekend really got my but in gear. I wrote 3,000 words over two days, which is more than I’ve written in a long time (though I’ve written 10k in January, and only the second half of January… I give major credit to the Year of the Muser.).

I also realized how much I want this rock star life. Oh Suz. You are a rock star. Remember us little people, mkay?

I loved my weekend. I don’t entirely have words for it. Chilling with Grace is always up on my list of favorite things to do, and we had our fill of trashy TV, delivery pizza, diner food, and hiking through freezing streets. We also did every necessary sleepover activity, including pillow fights (I knocked Grace over the head once, I think, and she returned the favor), dress up parties (kinda?) and I already mentioned trashy TV and pizza. Woo!!

But, all good things must come to an end, and even though NYC was a total blast, I returned to Chicago and was faced with the reality that I got absolutely no work done. Oops.

Which means I’m gonna be pulling some late nights. But still. Totally. Worth it.


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