An Experiment in Sustainable Something-or-other

Yesterday, I bought plants.

Cilantro, rosemary, basil and jasmine (I was conned into this one – curse all little old men offering discounts!)… and an orchid (I have a soft spot for orchids…hee)

Now, for a while I’ve been pittering around with different ways to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, there’s really little I can do in a dorm… and there was even less I could do when I was living with my parents, who, while they definitely take an interest, are still of a generation that values big houses and fancy appliances and whatnot.

In two months, I’m moving into my own place. My parents own it. But for now, it’s mine… and I can live in it for as long as I want, as long as I keep paying rent. Nice, right? So if I’m living in a place that’s basically under my control (I am the primary resident, in technical terms) and I’m going to be in charge of my own lifestyle and budgeting, why not stop pittering around and make this sustainability thing a little more permanent?

Yeah. Why not?

I’m going to post a more thorough outline of my goals in the coming week, and a timeline for those goals, but for the meantime, here’s what I have outlined so far:

1. STOP BUYING NEW THINGS. Obviously I’m not going to turn down gifts. And I have to buy books and stuff for school. And I have to buy printer paper for essays and querying related things. But I can stop buying new clothing and appliances. (The exception is obviously that some new appliances are more energy efficient… but the energy efficiency part will come in a later post.) This will also help me budget, which brings me to:

2. SAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. This is only tangentially related, but it helps plan for the future, when I hope I’m going to be writing and staying at home and growing food and tending to chickens and whatnot. I should really start squirreling away cash now.

3. GROW MY OWN FOOD (and bake my own bread). These two things I can do on a very limited scale. For the present, I’m thinking I can definitely bake my own bread once a week and have it last one to two weeks. (I did this over the summer, except my family would gobble up the bread in like 36 hours.) I can hopefully continue this over the school year. I also want to grow a tea bush, since I drink so much of it and I have no idea where it comes from. Veggies I might be able to do over the summer, and herbs/lettuce I can definitely do all year round.

4. BUY PRODUCE FROM LOCAL SOURCES. Organic if possible, plz.

5. EDUCATE MYSELF. There are lots of online resources that I can use to educate myself about different facets of this project. Ideally, I’d like to have a working knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, etc, so that I could update any dwelling to its highest efficiency. Also, my grand plan involves a productive home garden complete with chickens, pygmy goats, and honey bees (that guy I date might have a problem with the bees, but I can be verreh persuasive… or I can give in. Who knows?) So knowing wtf I’m doing would be helpful and stuff.


wooo. let’s get started.


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