When to Write

So a while back, Hannah Moskowitz posted this adorable video on her blog (and through YA Rebels, I think) about the best and worst advice she’s received about writing. The worst advice was, “write everyday.” I can’t help agreeing with Hannah. I can’t write everyday. It’s physically impossible. I have the attention span of a slightly concussed duckling, all sorts of school happening everywhere I look, a job that is slowly sucking all humanity from my soul, and seven cats to foster.

I generally write in month-long spurts. I’ll be super productive for a month and slog out 20k. Then I wait for about two months. Then I’ll slog out another 20k. Then I’ll wait for about two months. Then the final 10-20k comes out, and I’ll start editing.

What do I do in the meantime? Study. Work. Clean ALL the things. Stock up on groceries and spiritual wholesomeness before I dive back into the WIP.

I don’t think this is a cop-out. I was talking to my dad about writing and college, and he was, frankly, amazed that I did it at all. The rule of thumb is, as far as I’ve seen in higher education, that you have the least amount of free time in undergrad, with increasing amounts of free time throughout grad school. Of course, the stress is exponential, and you never have as much free time as you want, but undergrad does seem to pack your schedule with a lot of unnecessary crap.

If I can manage to finish one book a year, and then edit it in the next, I think I’ll be doing A-okay.

Now if only I could manage to coordinate my schedules so I’m not in a productive month that happens to contain all my exams.



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