What to wear to SCBWI?

I’m just going to be completely asinine today and say that yes, I’m worried about wtf I’m going to wear to SCBWI.

Why wouldn’t I be? I’m going to be hanging around with the musers a lot, and we are all incredibly fabulous, so obviously I’m going to feel a teeny bit threatened.


So, in some sense, this is a challenge. I challenge you, fellow musers. I will be prettiest. Try to out-pretty me and… well, bad stuff’ll happen.



6 thoughts on “What to wear to SCBWI?

  1. okay I’ve decided oobzie and whirlygirl should just have a straight-up pretty off. I’m willing to sit back and watch that.

    (hannahla, you and I can just sit on the sidelines and be hot. hot is different from pretty. I think this should involve martinis.)

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