Where to start, exactly?

Ah, I know.

You, darling reader. You are a lovely human being. I think that the Musers would very much like to meet you, as you are a lovely human being. MONDAY NIGHT AT {open} AT LONG BEACH. MUSERS WILL BE THERE. WE WERE ON GALLEYCAT SO YOU KNOW IT’S LEGIT.

Also, if you’re a fan of my magical mystical Musers, we have our own website. Drop by, check us out. Currently there’s a list of Musers on the front page, and then further down is the information about the Muser event.

What else?

Ah. Keynote speakers were lovely. I was particularly tickled by Jon Scieszka’s breakdown of what an illustrator can do for a picture book, and I did love M.T. Anderson’s rendition of the Delawarean anthem.

I also attended a panel on MG boy fiction. I thought it was interesting – a point was made that I think is somewhat valid, that we are trying to attract reluctant readers to novels and so we should try to cater to them. I think, however, that we still need to move past the boy-book girl-book thing. Which reminds me that I should probably take out the “boy-book” part of my bio on the Muser website.

Eh. I’m lazy.

Nevermind. I just asked Potato to change it.


Jesus I am so tired this post makes no sense BEAR WITH ME PLEASE.

I love you.

Uh yeah. Then there was this panel on what editors like or don’t like. It was pretty cool.

OH. Before that I attended a totally lovely luncheon focusing on LBGTQ fiction. I saw Hannah Moskowitz talk to Arthur A. Levine and it was a beautiful moment in my life.

And then we ditched the conference because it was my boything’s birthday (he turned 20 woooo) and we had dinner with my aunt. I ate a 16 oz prime rib and mashed potatoes and creamed corn and yorkshire pudding. And asparagus. And bread. And a salad.

And soft serve ice cream with gummy bears on it.

So much success.


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