A Belated New Year’s Post

One of my resolutions this year was to blog more frequently. I’ve realized that I’m one of those writers who gets stoppered up pretty quickly, but a constant schedule of writing, reading, and various benchmarks actually keeps me producing at a rate that I feel comfortable with. So, I’ve decided to try and blog twice a week.

An inevitable consequence of this is that my posts are probably going to be shorter and less complete, but since my posts tend to be on the long and rambly side, that’s probably not a bad thing.

2013 was kind of a stupidly busy year for me. I graduated from college (argh), moved, got a job, traveled A LOT, wrote a book (argh argh), and had serious thoughts about my goals, short term and long term, and what I’ve done to reach them and how I’ve managed to sabotage myself.

I realized that leather pants are probably going to cycle out of my closet and that I should have shaved my head when I had the chance (ANY COLLEGE STUDENTS READING THIS: SHAVE YOUR HEADS NOW, YOU WILL REGRET NOT DOING IT LATER), and watched how strange and chaotic life can seem when everyone you know suddenly has a schedule that is no longer variations on an academic quarter.

I started reading all the books that I missed reading while I was in college because I had SO LITTLE TIME and every, every scrap of free time I had was spent either sleeping or furiously trying to stitch together a story or something so I still felt like a writer. I quickly realized that I have way too many books to read. Too many.

Still, the days of 2013 that are most vivid to me are the ones I spent in the summer, lying on my roommate’s bed while she was in China, staring at the AC and willing it to cool the air faster. I would stare out the window at the sun and the trees (on the third floor in certain areas of Chicago, all you can see out the window is sun and trees) and think, I should really put on sunscreen.

In 2014, I should get back in the habit of putting on sunscreen. I should also try to figure out how to write every day. Or close to every day. Maybe I’m going to have to do that thing where you wake up an hour early to do work. (argh) I’d like to find a volunteer opportunity that I’m passionate and excited about. I’d like to go on a writing retreat (a write-cation? idek what you would call this tbh). I want to see my friends get settled into jobs that don’t suck, into living situations that don’t suck. I’d like to find a kind of exercise that I can do indoors because damn it’s cold outside. I’d like to spend more time thinking and less time being tired.

Also: more chocolate.


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