The Whirly-Splurge of the Week

I like to buy things, but I have no money. I’m going to be posting every so often about stuff I want to buy but can’t afford because I HAVE NO MONEY.

Sometimes, we need socks. And not just any socks, but really sexy, hot, unique, tantalizing socks. Because our feet are ugly and we want to cover them up, dammit! (I talk about not having any money, but of course I just spent something like $60 on socks…)

(But not these socks!)

I personally love socks, because they’re a place to put color where we don’t normally wear color (black and white is BORING). Unless, of course, we’re talking about black and white PEACOCK SOCKS.

Okay, so these are technically stockings, but they fit in the foot-covering category. I personally love these, and they come in all sorts of fun varieties, including snowflake, octopus, and Twitter themed patterns!

Super fun, right? What’s nice is that they blend into your skin tone, if you get it just right, so you can have removable tattoos. That’s the idea, anyway. (The store is called Tattoo Socks.) You can buy these stockings from Post on Etsy.


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